Investigation & Asset Searching

Finding customers and establishing their ability to pay is crucial to ensure payment is made.

Every Collector has on-line access to a variety of investigation tools, allowing them to establish other ways of contacting customers and to evaluate their ability to pay. These include:-

  • Internet searches
  • Business searches including full account details, director contacts including home address details, alternative business addresses and registered offices, associated company details, trading histories, CCJ’s, company dissolutions etc.
  • Electoral roll information
  • Trace databases
  • Land Registry data including property value and likely equity levels
  • Bankruptcy listings
  • Insolvency searches to check on IVAs Bankruptcies and Winding Up petitions

Armed with this additional information we make contact with customers who are trying to avoid payment. We overcome their usual excuses about lack of funds and insist on full payment. We chase directors personally where there is clear evidence of wrongful trading or attempts to defraud creditors.

All this work is undertaken totally free of charge for our clients