Sales Ledger Services

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Typically clients using our sales ledger solutions have seen 25% reductions in outstanding days, freeing up more of their time to focus on their core business activities and drive business. At UK Credit Management, we efficiently handle management of your accounts receivables, including monitoring of due dates and booking of incoming payments. Check out what you could be doing to optimise your cash flow.

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Our sales ledger services contains invoice service, ledger- and reminder service. If you want a full outsourcing solution, to free up time and resources for your core business, as well as to reduce the number of days to payment and outstanding capital, this is the service of choice!

The invoice service starts at the very moment your invoice data is uploaded, fast, efficient and secure. We commence sending out invoices, start the payment bookings and the monitoring of the due dates. Followed by sending out reminders. We report the process on-line for you via IntrumWeb.

Do you wish to send out your invoices yourself? We offer you our tailored ledger service. You simply use our payment details on your invoice and we take care of the payment bookings, monitoring of due dates and sending out reminders. You have full visibility via our IntrumWeb interface or through file integration with all necessary data reported back.