• Commercial Debt Collection

      Our highly trained and experienced commercial debt collection professionals deliver superior debt collector results and client service in the UK and overseas.

    • Trace Debtors

      UK Credit Management’s tracing and investigation services boast a success rate in excess of 80%, providing a fast and cost effective way to locate absconding debtors and support debt collection.

    • Credit Check

      UK Credit Management’s fast, affordable and up to date credit checking facility allows you to routinely credit check new and existing customers to ensure they have the financial means to honour payments.

    • Litigation / Legal Debt Recovery

      Our specialist panel of debt recovery solicitors allow our clients to benefit from an effective litigation service at substantially reduced or no cost.

    • Worldwide Debt Collection

      With our worldwide coverage across 180 countries along with local market knowledge and local presence, we are geared to secure that you are getting paid on time.

    • Sales Ledger Service

      Typically clients using our sales ledger solutions have seen 25% reductions in outstanding days, freeing up more of their time to focus on their core business activities and drive business.

    • Debt Purchase

      Intrum Justitia has established a strategic partnership with Experto Credite in the UK (United Kingdom), valid from first of September 2011.

    • Reminder Service

      Your customers are also busy in life and sometimes forget to pay on the agreed time. With our strict reminder service process and monitoring we help you get paid faster and minimize the risk of defaulting invoices.